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  • 【Effecient Cupping Therapy Sets】- Cupping therapy do help manage acute & chronic pain, boost immune system, restore mobility, speed up recovery time, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, release toxins (lymphatic drainage), relieve muscle & joint pain, support respiratory function, release endorphins, promote healing, relieve tension and improve sleep. Vacuum suction lifts the tissue to allow for blood and lymph flow. Cupping helps break up fascial adhesions, soften scar tissue and on!
    【Strong adhesion, Easy Clean Silicone Cups】- Our Chinese massage cups are made from high quality medical silicone that is safe to use and transparent enough make sure you to see suction from the pressure of the cups. Now, you can control intensity of cupping! No more unreliable and cheaply made cups that simply stay on your back and no slide all the time.
    【Promotes Skin 】- Your legs, belly, and butt will feel tighter when you insist on using cupping massage is able to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles over time. Use daily for best results and long-term maintenance.