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    Squeeze, Smile, and Relieve Stress – More than motivational toys these foam squeeze balls can help children and adults let go of stress or anxiety while inspiring them with fun, engaging quotes to keep them focused.
    Assorted Colors & Inspirational Sayings – These cute, squishy stress balls come in 5 different colors and feature motivational messages including “Focus, Listen, Breath”, Speed, Strength, Determination”, and “Yes! I can do this!”.

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    THE LATEST TREND IN FIDGET TOYS! Relieve stress and tension, boost your concentration and skyrocket your performance in classroom or the office with the best sensory spiky roller! Keep your fidgety fingers busy in style with the coolest anti-stress toy for kids and adults that will have your colleagues ask you questions!
    FIGHT ANXIETY & BOREDOM EVERYWHERE! It is a compact and discreet fiddle sensory toy you can toss into your pocket, briefcase or backpack and easily carry. Relieving stress or social anxiety the silent way, with no annoying sounds disrupting the room peace, it is the ultimate classroom, office and desk stress relief/ADHD/autism toy for trendy fidgeters of all ages!

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    SENSORY STIMULATION TO REDUCE STRESS–Offering a tactile feel that helps reduce stress and anxiety, these handheld stress-relief toys provide tactile stimulation to reduce a racing mind so you can keep restless hands busy.
    PROMOTES FOCUS & ATTENTION HELPS YOUR KIDS IN SCHOOL – Great for kids and adults suffering from short attention span, ADD, ADHD, OCD or autism, these bracelet sensory toys encourage focus and relaxation.

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    PRESENTING YOUR NEW FAVORITE ANTISTRESS ACCESSORY!You can let go of noisy fidget spinners and clickety-clicking stress relief cubes. Squeeze and play with your new rubber ball and helpcalm your mind, reduce your anxiety, and re-direct your focus; and not just you, this fantastic accessory is for the whole family!
    PLAY, MASSAGE, RELAX, & FOCUS! One small, compact ball can do all that? Why yes! Our desk rubber balls are excellent fidget toys that help you decrease your stress levels and calm your mind, all while being fun to play with, AND featuring little soft spikes that will gently massage your hands as you do!

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    THE BEST ANTI-STRESS STRESS-RELIEF TOY IS FINALLY HERE! If you liked the idea behind fidget spinning and cube clicking sensory toys but hated their noisy, rattling overall design, then you are about to really love our sensorial stress relief fidget rings set!
    PLAY, RELAX, AND INCREASE YOUR FOCUS! Fidget sensorial toys grab your mind from wandering around anxiety-ridden thoughts, and keep it focused on one place; thus allowing you to redirect your mental sources wherever you need afterward; an ideal, calming companion for home, office, work, school, uni, travels, and much, much, more!

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    STRETCH, PULL AND HAVE A BLAST! These 3’’ amazing happy men toys are very stretchy and incredibly fun so you can pull them and twist them all you want, and then let them go back to normal! Pull on an arm and have a friend pull a leg and enjoy hours of stretchy, squeezy fun, Perfect Filer for Easter baskets this season.
    ADORABLE DESIGN: The stretchy toys have a cute design that every child and adult will love. The little emoji gel men have a sweet and funny happy face that will brighten up your day and add some humor to your game. The pulling gel toy comes in a set of 24 in 4 bright and fun colors that are suitable for girls, boys and grown-ups of all ages from 3 years old and up!