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  • STURDY SILICONE CUPS: One of the strongest vacuum silicone cups on the market! Designed with Superior Proprietary engineered 6065 silicone softness / hardness with a thick wall for stronger deeper suction . Thicker wall requires more hand manipulation but can deliver unparalleled deep suction. Great for Slow Deep Tissue Work. Preferred by Advanced Therapists. Know your Cups! The Supreme Line has 6065 Harder Cup for Deep Suction and the 5560 Softer Cup for Medium Suction. This is the 6065.
    CUPPING SET INCLUDES: SUPREME DEEP PRO Suction Cups- 2 Large (2″), 2 Medium (1.5″), 2 Small (1.25″) accordion style designed face and body cups with basic written instructions by a Professional Cupping Instructor and access to online video’s and tutorials. Ultra Clear Cups for greater visibility of the tissue. Cups are made with High Grade Silcon without the Chemical Irritants and Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Plastics) Easy to Clean/Sanitize, Strong & Durable designed to last.
    MEETING AND EXCEEDING HIGH QUALITY SAFETY STANDARDS with Top of the Line -CLEAR-, not colored cups for high visibility of tissue. Due to advancements in silicone cups, clear cups are now preferred for safety.. Don’t settle for non visible or filtered colored cups. NO Byproducts (BPA, Phthalates, Latex, PVC, Plastics). Deep PRO 6065 is the Advanced set in the Supreme Line Designed for extended use by Experienced Therapists.