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    FROSTY Will BE PROUD | Santa Claus gets too much credit for Christmas. The true hero of Christmas is the snowman. He’s always there when you look out the window. Well, at least until it gets warmer. In honor of Frosty, we’ve created our LED Light Up Snowman Bead Necklace. This wintery necklace is 34 inches long and features 4 snowman faces adorned with Christmas hats. The adorable 2 inch snowman faces turn red and flash slow, fast, or keep steady. Batteries included and installed.
    BE SEEN | Christmas parties can get wild and crazy–and packed. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Our snowman bead necklace necklace is not just for looks. It’ll help your friends or family members stay visible in the crowd. That’s not all. It’s got fun green and red beads, so if a bout of holiday anxiety kicks in, you can use them as a worry bead-style fidget toy.

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    SANTA IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND | Santa would love our led Santa Spinner Wand–except every time we send one to the North pole, it gets lost in the mail! We’ll keep trying. The illuminating wand itself has a ruby-red metallic color. On the top is a cute Santa head with clear plastic beard. When you click the on/off button, the led Christmas lights spin inside, along with a flurry of realistic looking snow particles. Makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer for kids and toddlers.
    COSTUME ACCESSORY | Not only does our led spinner wand make a great Christmas gift–it’s also perfect as an xmas costume accessory. Whether you want to dress up as Santa or a Christmas elf, our light up magic wand for kids will make any Christmas costume that much more impressive. If you’re an adult, this light up spinning toy is ideal to take to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Also makes a great light up party favor or Christmas decoration.

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    AMAZING MAGIC WAND FOR KIDS | If you’ve seen one light up wand, you’ve them all, right? Nope. Our 8 ½” LED Orbiter Spinning Wand is the light up spinner toy of future. Inside the clear head of this fun little toy are 4 LED lights; green, blue, red and amber. When you press the on/off button, the head spins fast and the color changing lights create a mesmerizing show. Great for Rave parties, birthdays, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
    COSTUME ACCESSORY | Our toy wand makes an excellent Christmas costume party accessory. Also makes a great light up party favor.

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    THE POWER OF GYRO | No, this isn’t the gyro that you eat at a Greek restaurant. Gyro refers to a gyroscope–a toy that puts the power of centrifugal forces in your hands. That’s exactly what our LED Gyro Wheel Toy does–like no other magnetic spinner wheel toy. This led toy for boys and girls has a handle and parallel rings that measure 8” tall, and the LED wheel is 2 ½” across.
    FLASH OF LIGHT | The faster the you spin it, the more the lights flash. This hot Christmas toy is a perfect stocking stuffer for kids. Also makes a wonderful birthday gift.

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    FLY AWAY WITH SANTA | In a world full of Santa toys, our Light-Up Santa Dual Spinner is unlike any you’ve ever owned. The durable red handle is in the height of Santa fashion, complete with a detailed Santa head. Each Santa arm has a propeller of led lights. Upon activation (on/off slide switch) they transform into a glorious multi-colored disc that cycles through various light patterns. Both arms are fully adjustable. Replaceable batteries included and installed.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS 2.0 | This led spinning wand won’t actually take off into the sky, but the kaleidoscopic spinning lights spin fast enough to create a gentle breeze. It’s perfect for kids’ Christmas parties, Christmas photo booth, and holiday selfies. Also be sure to bring it along to an ugly Christmas sweater party.

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    LOVELY SKULL | Skulls are often underappreciated. Many of them are actually friendly and fun to be around. Case and point: our LED Skull Wand. Each 10” skull light up wand features a plastic skull on top–with bright blue, red, and green LED lights inside. Click a button and you get 6 different light settings. This light up wand for kids is great for Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Day of the Dead party events.
    COSTUME ACCESSORY | Whether you want to dress up as a skull, zombie, or anything that’s long past its expiration day–our magic glow wand with skull will make your outfit that much cooler.