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    ✔️ 18 FIDGET TOYS SENSORY TOOLS – This complete sensory toy pack includes 1 liquid timer, 3 stress balls, 6 stretchy fidget toys strings, 1 soybean keychain, 2 snap and click snake and 3 mesh & marble, 1 mini football squeeze foam, and 1 magic spring fidget toys for adults. Fun indoor activities for kids while staying at home and outdoor yard games or outside toys for toddlers.
    ✔️ TOP QUALITY FOR ALL AGES – These classroom fidget toys for kids, teens and adults are made from nontoxic and durable materials and are safe for everyone. Have fun playing without worrying. This fidget toy set conforms to ASTM F963 and CPSIA that’s why it is safe for kids.

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    A DOZEN OF KICKO MAGIC – Who wouldn’t be surprised by a cool, super stretchy, Metallic Rainbow Slime Putty Egg? An outer space design for a magical feeling! The starry night color slime is contained in a plastic eggshell. Recommended for ages 3+ with adult supervision.
    KNEAD IT, MOLD IT, ROLL IT – Kids will love the cosmic, bright and marbleized shades that can trigger their imagination and creativity. It can enhance hand reflexes as they squeeze, swirl, bounce and stretch it.

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    ⌛ CUTE AND VERSATILE FIDGET TOYS 💖 You get 3 super adorable liquid timers: 2 heart-shaped timers with a reverse drop and a bubble drop with animals inside, and a diamond-shaped with a star glitters and sea animals. These sparkles when hit by a sunray and are a great conversation starter, so you can display them on top of a desk or table or use them as toys in your classroom not to mention as a tool for counseling.
    ⌛ SIMPLE STRESS AND ANXIETY RELIEVER 💖 You get stress from daily life, studies, work, and just life itself. It takes a toll on your emotional and mental health, thus, we give you these charming liquid timers. It’s soothing and relaxing to watch as the liquid inside drops to the bottom as it turns into bubbles of different shapes. Its lava lamp effect helps to vent our outbursts, anger, and boredom from kids and even adults.

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    Tangle Creations Original Texture Tangle has fun colors and 5 wonderful textures adding great play and educational value! Texture Tangle provides individuals of all ages the fun and enjoyment of fine motor manipulation along with the therapeutic benefits of control, dexterity, concentration and focus and problem solving. Low impact activities like Tangle also relieves stress through the easy twisting and turning motions.
    It can be twisted, turned, bent, coiled and shaped into a myriad of your own creative visions. This Tangle has different textures on the links. Some have coils, smooth, small bumps, or little bumps on the link surface. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with your Brainy Twist Tangle Creation.

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    MIX AND MATCH COLORS – Kids will love this playset of gooey putty in pink, red, light blue, purple, yellow, light green, blue, green and orange! It has great consistency and smooth texture without drying unlike clays and others in the market. It is sold in a colorful 2oz. tub.
    MULTI-SENSORY SLUDGE – This Slimy Gum helps develop imagination and fine motor skills including eye-hand coordination, gain strength and improve dexterity in hands and fingers. Playing it promotes calmness, stimulates focus and relieves stress, worries, and tensions.

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    ESCAPE THE DAILY GRIND WITH OUR PREMIUM SQUISHY PUFFER SQUEEZE BALLS: Squish, squeeze, toss, and twist your way to relaxation with this set of one dozen Squishy Puffer Balls. Their bright neon colors make them a hit with all ages, and their soft, touchable rubber texture helps reduce feelings of anxiety and frustration. Toy Ball are bright, solid colorful full of vibrant and energetic colors and designs. (Color will vary)
    CALM YOUR STRESS AND SOOTHE YOUR SENSES WITH THIS STIMULATING TOY: This repetitive squeezing motion can promote calm and relaxation, reduce feelings of stress, and achieve higher levels of focus and concentration. Plus, its ergonomic design helps stimulate circulation and improve blood flow in your hands and wrists. Provide the kids with endless hours of fun use them for games. Throw ’em, catch ’em, or wrap the loop around your finger