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    ENJOY: Have fun flinging these Sticky Stretchy Toys into the air as you watch them stick to their landing such as walls, doors, table, ceiling and other surfaces.
    LONG TIME USE: These Sticky Toys are designed to last for a long time. If they lose their stick, just wash them with water and air dry. It will certainly be good as new afterwards.

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    FEATURES: Neon Smile Face Stress Balls printed with the most popular Emoji smile. They are made of dense but soft foam, easy to return to original shape after squeezing or stretching.
    PERFECT FOR: You are able to exercise all your fingers with this squashy ball. It helps you release your stress silently and effectively by squeezing the ball. Loved a lot by children as well as adults. These are also great giveaway for many occasions, such as children’s birthday party, christening party, baby shower party, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, New Year’s Party or any other cheerful events.

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    INCLUDES: Fun Central Sports Stress Ball includes an assorted set of 12 including footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and baseballs. Each Stress Ball measures 2.5 inches.
    MULTI-USE: This stress ball set can be used as mini sport balls that you can squeeze for stress relief or perfect party favor for any sport themed events or birthday parties

  • DE STRESS BALLS | The term stress ball is a misnomer. It’s sounds like it gives you stress. The idea is to alleviate it, especially these days. Our Football Stress Balls are perfect for taking your traffic rage out on a squishy ball–instead of another driver. This mini football ball has just enough firmness to endure your death grip, but soft enough for a relieving hand mush. Our mini footballs also make great football party favors.
    HOME AND WORK | It’s not always practical to put up a punching bag at home, never mind the office. Our football stress ball makes a perfect office desk fidget toy. It also makes a great gift for coworkers–so they can take their stress out on the ball, instead of you.
    SENSORY TOYS | Research has shown that sensory toys may help autistic children focus, calm down, or relax. Our football stress ball can serve as an effective sensory toy for autistic children. These squeezable footballs help with anxiety relief. It also makes a great fidget toy for kids and adults who have ADHD.

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    FROSTY Will BE PROUD | Santa Claus gets too much credit for Christmas. The true hero of Christmas is the snowman. He’s always there when you look out the window. Well, at least until it gets warmer. In honor of Frosty, we’ve created our LED Light Up Snowman Bead Necklace. This wintery necklace is 34 inches long and features 4 snowman faces adorned with Christmas hats. The adorable 2 inch snowman faces turn red and flash slow, fast, or keep steady. Batteries included and installed.
    BE SEEN | Christmas parties can get wild and crazy–and packed. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Our snowman bead necklace necklace is not just for looks. It’ll help your friends or family members stay visible in the crowd. That’s not all. It’s got fun green and red beads, so if a bout of holiday anxiety kicks in, you can use them as a worry bead-style fidget toy.

  • Parties, Concerts, Raves, Special Events, Special-Needs/Autistic Children
    Simple push-button operation; Wrist strap included
    Bright enough to illuminate a small dark room

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    FUN TOYS: This set of frog toys is an ideal toy for children who are fond of playing with animal toys. Let them enjoy the Frog Figure designed especially for your kids.
    INCLUDES: You will receive 2 Packs with 12 Pieces each Pack of Frogs Toys with assorted colors and designs.

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    COOL SHAPES: Have fun while learning shapes and colors with our Assorted Mini Rainbow Magic Springs. Each Mini Rainbow Spring fits perfect on your kids’ hands. With eye-catching vibrant colors and fun shapes that promotes attention to details and boost creativity. Features different shapes such as Fish, Circle, Heart, and Butterfly. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! These Mini Rainbow Magic Spring comes with a 100% guarantee.
    PERFECT FOR: Our Mini Rainbow Magic Springs are perfect for school recess, playtime and activities. Also great for a kid’s birthday party, carnival and other fun rainbow events. Adds extra fun as party favor, props, gifts, and party decorations.

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    WHAT’S THE PERFECT TOY FOR MY CHILD? | Many parents struggle to figure out what toy to buy. Just because a toy is expensive, doesn’t mean your child won’t get bored fast. We have a solution. Remembers the old slinky toy? It was released in the 1950s–and is still popular with kids today! We’ve decided to take it up a notch and created our 7 inch Jumbo Rainbow Magic Spring Toy. Think of it a slinky 2.0. It’s simple, safe, and all you need is gravity–and a flight of stairs.
    BIG IS FUN | Our plastic rainbow coil spring toy is much bigger than the old slinky. This ginormous spring toy is 7 inches when it stands alone–but it extends up to 40 feet. Find the biggest staircase you can and watch this jumbo slinky do it’s thing. The old slinky was made of boring gray metal. Our huge plastic slinky is rainbow colored, which creates a colorful effect as it moves.

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    SPOOKY WAND: Our LED Skull Spinner Wand will be the best way to spook your friends or use as a scary Halloween costume accessory.
    MULTICOLOR LED: The click of the button on the handle will bring you through a series of three flashing modes, with blue, green, and red LEDs.

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    WIND SPINNER: Build your own fancy toy with our LED DIY Windmill Wand.
    FEATURES: The Wand features LED lights in different flashing modes. Multi color with an easy grip handle. A carefully designed windmill that spins and light up.

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    MESMERIZING FUN WITH LIGHTS | Most spinners flimsy, slow, and not very brig. What fun is that? You won’t have that problem with our Light-Up Magic Wand for kids. The top of this spinning light up toy wand has a row of super bright lights. Upon activation, they transform into a glorious multi-colored disc that cycles through various light patterns. The handle is durable and the head can be angled to any position. Great for parades, concerts, and holiday parties. Replaceable batteries included.
    SENSORY TOYS FOR KIDS | Research shows that sensory toys help children explore and investigate. As a light up spinning toy, our led windmill combines movement and light to create a fascinating visual illusion that will captivate kids of all ages. It perfect as an autism toy for autistic children.