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  • DE STRESS BALLS | The term stress ball is a misnomer. It’s sounds like it gives you stress. The idea is to alleviate it, especially these days. Our Football Stress Balls are perfect for taking your traffic rage out on a squishy ball–instead of another driver. This mini football ball has just enough firmness to endure your death grip, but soft enough for a relieving hand mush. Our mini footballs also make great football party favors.
    HOME AND WORK | It’s not always practical to put up a punching bag at home, never mind the office. Our football stress ball makes a perfect office desk fidget toy. It also makes a great gift for coworkers–so they can take their stress out on the ball, instead of you.
    SENSORY TOYS | Research has shown that sensory toys may help autistic children focus, calm down, or relax. Our football stress ball can serve as an effective sensory toy for autistic children. These squeezable footballs help with anxiety relief. It also makes a great fidget toy for kids and adults who have ADHD.