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  • ✔️ HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS AND PROMOTES CALM – These chew necklaces are a safe and discrete alternative for individuals with sensory needs (Autism, ADHD, PDD etc.). They greatly reduce anxiety and promote calm for those with sensory input disorders and provide a safe alternative to chewing on hands, t-shirts etc.
    ✔️ EXTRA BONUS CORD + CLASP INCLUDED – Each chew tool comes with a cord and breakaway clasp for safety purposes. Additionally, each pack of 2 comes with an additional cord and clasp in case one of the cords is accidentally broken. Cord and Clasp are not for chewing, children should be reminded to chew only on the Silicone brick.
    ✔️ DIFFERENT TEXTURES FOR SENSORY NEEDS – The back of the necklaces have tiny raised bumps while the front features large prominent bumps to address different sensory needs.