When fidget spinners first came into existence, they were used for coping with nervous energy or psychological stress. They became popular in April of 2017 as toys for children and adults. Today, their popularity has grown to an even greater extent.  People of all ages are playing with this toy. A lot of fidget spinner users have come up with tricks. This Youtube video by Mathias Moslund shows us 5 easy tricks to do with a fidget spinner.



1. Simple hand transfer.

To execute this trick, first, make some distance between your hands and keep them neither too close nor too far apart. Now, hold the fidget spinner with the index finger and the thumb of your dominant hand and then spin it by hitting the fidget’s prongs while using the index finger of your other hand.

Toss the fidget spinner from your dominant hand to the other hand without letting it stop spinning.

Catch it from the bearing in the center. Then keep tossing it back and forth.


2. Finger transfer.

First, you need to learn to balance a spinning fidget on your finger. For that, spin the fidget spinner between the index finger and the thumb of your dominant hand then slowly remove your thumb. Now, straighten your finger.

Once you are comfortable in balancing the fidget on your finger, toss it to the middle finger gently without allowing the spinner to stop spinning. Toss it again and then repeat it.



3. Hand twist.

Spin the fidget spinner normally between the index finger and the thumb of your dominant hand. Remove the thumb and balance the fidget spinner on your index finger only.

Make a U-shape with your wrist. Keep your fingers straight. All you need to do is twist your hand around without breaking the spinning motion of the fidget spinner.



4. Around the back.


Start spinning the fidget spinner normally. Doing this trick requires concentration and aiming. The video shows this trick done with only one hand but you can use both the hands as well when you are at a beginner’s level.

Send the spinner from one side of your body to another from behind.

Don’t let it stop spinning. Now catch it from the center using the same hand or the other hand.



5. Spinner switch.

This trick requires two fidget spinners. Begin by spinning both the fidget spinners as per normal.


Have a decent distance between your hands keeping them neither too close nor too far apart. Now, toss the spinner in your left hand to your right hand and vice versa simultaneously.

Catch the spinners from the center so that the spinning doesn’t stop.


After learning these simple tricks, you may impress your friends and family with a fidget spinner in your hands. This is where you can but a whole 12 pack of Fidget Spinners to share with friends and family!